Are you considering competing?

the breakfast I just ate

So you are thinking of entering a bikini competition? Tempted by the sparkly bikinis, bright lights of the stage, long luscious locks, flawless make up but most of all that svelte super toned body right?

At this point you are probably trying to mentally psyche yourself up to spending hours in the gym and months on end of a traditional body building diet of eating chicken, broccoli and brown rice, drinking black coffee and endless litres of water?

Well some of that is technically correct but some of the following secrets I’m going to divulge may actually surprise you!

First of all I would say you should only consider competing if you do (and have for a while) already train AND enjoy it! You will have to train with weights pretty much every day and more than likely do cardio on most days too so you never want to get to the point where you find training and going to the gym a bind or a chore! If you don’t enjoy it already then honestly what is the point!? You want a competition to be that ultimate showcase for all your hard work and dedication and you want to feel damn proud to strut your stuff on that stage and not feel like someone has forced you into months of torturous gym sessions and calorific sacrifices!

So now you’re thinking ‘yep that’s me! I can do the training!’ but still in two minds as to whether a life of chicken and broccoli is really for you? Well worry not! Would you feel slightly better right now if you knew you could eat hearty beef stews, chip shop chicken curry and juicy pancakes every day?

Ha now I’ve got your attention! Well just let me leave you with that though plus a picture of the breakfast I just ate – food for thought right?

Emily xxxx