Premium Basic/Training Bikini

This is ideal for your weekly progress pictures, posing practice or if you want a slightly more subtle look on stage. Connectors can be added at no extra cost but no crystals are included with a training bikini.

All the info you'll need to make your choices...

Bikini Top Styles

The Classic American Triangle Top

The classic “All American” triangle top offers classic bikini styling with a hugely versatile range of padding. If you have large implants this top will give you a great fit without any padding, however you can have overall padding to give a fuller look or extra chunky padding if you need a bit more help in the bust area! If you're simply not sure we can manufacture the top to give you a flexible padding option so you can decide nearer the time of your show as to what looks best.

Can be manufactured with neck strap connectors or without but usually requires a mid chest connector so don't forget to select this when ordering. Choose again from our fantastic range of foil, ice chip, smooth or crushed velvet colours.

The Classic Russian Top

A beautiful under wired, bra style bikini top which has a full moulded cup but can be produced with extra uplift padding if necessary. Can be made with or without mid chest connector. Choose from our fantastic range of foil fabric, ice chip hologram, Italian smooth velvet or crushed velvet in a colour of your choice.


Bikini Bottom Styles

All our Bikini bottoms pictured fitted on manikins are for illustration purposes only and not a true likeness as to how they will fit you . Yours will fit you perfectly and be smooth an tight to your skin with no ripples in the fabric

The Russian High Cut Bottom

A lovely “high leg”style bottoms which is great for giving you that “legs for days” look! Works well if you have a slightly thicker waist or if you just want to give the impression of longer legs. All our bottoms have a “ruched bum”, are fully lined and are cut to conform with UKBFF, IFBB and PCA federation rules (others not excluded!) but can be made with a pro cut or fuller cut by request. (Please email special requests).

The Classic American Connector Style Bottom

For that sparkly “All American” style bikini choose this style and add bottom connectors from our range on the connectors page. This style works great if you are petite around the hips or if you just like the extra sparkly look. Also produced fully lined and with a “ruched bottom” and cut to conform with UKBFF, IFBB, PCA federations rules ( amongst others) and can be manufactured in pro cut or fuller cut by request. (Please email requests)

If you choose a connector style Top or Bottoms . It is advisable to give the connectors regular checks for any signs of fatigue if you are using your bikini alot and always before a Competition. If you ever encounter any issues we are always here to help.

Italian Smooth Velvet Fabric Colours and Description

A rich sumptuous Italian velvet which oozes quality and comes in a beautiful range of colours. Add depth and texture to your bikini by choosing this fabric and adding one of our crystal packages. Please note that by choosing a contrasting crystal colour you can dramatically change the overall colour of your bikini and likewise, subtle colour changes can be obtained by choosing similar or complimentary crystal colour or colours.

Italian Crushed Velvet Fabric Colours and Description

We have a nice little range of this beautiful fabric which is great for adding depth and texture to your bikini without having to go overboard on the crystal coverage.

Hologram Ice Chip Fabric Colours and Description

Add extra dimension and sparkle by choosing one of our hologram Ice Chip foil fabrics for your bikini. The beautiful sparkle and depth of this fabric means that if you choose to go for a lighter coverage of crystals you will still get a great shimmery effect or if you prefer to fully load it up you can select multiple crystal colours to compliment this shimmery fabric! Works really well when fabric is still visible around the crystals eg. Bronze, Silver, Gold level crystal packages.

Metalic Foil Lycra Fabric Colours and Description

A high quality Lycra foil fabric in a huge range of colours- approximately 40 to be precise, so if you don't see the colour that you are looking for on our website please message us as we can more than likely get our hands on it. This is the fabric of choice for British Gymnastics Team GB so you can be assured that is great quality and looks amazing on stage!

Centre Connectors
Top and Bottom Strap Connectors


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