Top Tips to always dazzle the competition.

So if you are one of our lucky customers and now have your fabulous sparkling bikini, you will need to look after it carefully so it stays and looks its best.

1.1 The pretty gift box your bikini was delivered in is ideal for its safe storage. It is a strong box and will prevent your bikini from being squashed.

1.2 Try to wrap your bikini top and bottoms separately in the box-this will stop the crystals rubbing.

1.3. When putting your bikini on or taking it off, it is important to be careful and take your time.

1.4. Your bikini bottoms may try and flip inside out. This needs to be avoided especially if you are wearing tan. You may get marks or stain the outer fabric and also the crystals may scratch your skin or become loose.

1.5. When wearing your bikini top, the straps should be tied tighter than a normal bikini. This is especially important when going on stage. You don’t want any unsightly gaps as you strut your stuff!

1.6. After a show or using your bikini, if you feel it needs a freshen up the first rule is


You can however, if really necessary give it a light rinse in a sink of LUKE WARM water, mixed with a tablespoon of gentle detergent (the kind that is suitable for babies e.g. Fairy Gentle)
Do not leave your bikini soaking, a quick rinse should remove any stains or tan. Lift it out of the water and give it a gentle squeeze. Be careful as crystals will become loose when wet.
Lay the bikini out flat on a folded towel and gently dab it with another soft towel. Leave it to dry flat on the towel and not in any direct sunlight.
The crystal glue turns opaque white when wet but don’t worry it will dry clear again.

1.7. In the event any crystals come loose or are lost, we always send a small bag of replacement crystals out with bikinis.

1.8. If your bikini is velvet, you may notice the pile of the velvet looks ‘ruffled’ after you have rinsed it. This can make the bikini look darker in colour. Don’t worry-it will smooth out again.

If you ever experience any problems or have any questions please contact us by email or phone.