Based out of Preston in the North West of England, Glitzy Bitzy is a family run, friendly business which aims to provide beautiful quality bikinis and an excellent service at the same time.

Born out of a passion for design and creativity, a love of fitness and twenty plus years of sportswear manufacturing experience you can be assured that your Glitzy Bitzy Bikini will be of exceptional quality and style and will help you on your way to having your moment to shine on stage!

After studying Fashion and Textile design at college, owner Emily decided to take a years break and travel to Florida before going to university to continue her studies. Somehow a year turned into ten years in The Sunshine State where Emily perfected her sewing and designing skills whilst working for various Skydiving equipment and jumpsuit manufacturers and then eventually establishing her own Freefly jumpsuit manufacturing business whilst herself continuing with her new found hobby of Skydiving and accumulating over 2000 skydives!

Returning to the U.K. some 15 years ago Emily, still feeling the need to feed the extreme sport addiction chose to spend six weeks each winter in Austria participating in her new favourite sport of snowboarding. Some years later this addiction was replaced by Ice Skating, namely Ice Dance and once again Emily increased her skill set producing dresses for Ice Skating/Ice Dance competitions. This also served well to feed the ‘sparkle addiction’ as like competition bikinis, skating dresses are extremely sparkly and let’s be fair what girl (especially one affectionately nicknamed The Magpie by her nearest and dearest!) doesn’t love a bit (or a lot) of sparkle!?

Emily, who has most of her life been an avid fitness enthusiast herself, started competing in Bikini Fitness and knowing the skills and experience she had producing similar sportswear garments, simply could not justify employing someone else to produce her stage bikinis and so was born Glitzy Bitzy bespoke competition bikinis.

Passion for quality and style forces Emily to always strive to find the best quality and most beautiful fabrics and components for creating truly stunning bikinis with no compromise on quality!

Note from Emily. “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than realising a girls bikini dreams! I know myself how much hard work goes into the preparation for a bikini/fitness competition and although they say that the bikini won’t win you the show, I also know that how the bikini makes you feel on stage can be the difference between not placing and going home with a trophy!”